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ACR of Engineer officer's and Non Engineer Cadre Officers
Office Order No. Subject View / Download 
12565_Gopan_01112022 ACR NA Reports of Assistant Engineers (E&M) View/Download
11826_Gopan_23092022 ACR NA Reports of Non Engineers Officers upto 2021-22 View/Download
9800_Gopan_30072022 ACR NA Reports of Engineers (E&M and Civil) View/Download
4735_Gopan_29062022 Regarding the pending Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) of Executive Engineer View/Download
4491_Gopan_18062022 Regarding the pending annual confidential reports (ACR) of Chief Engineer and Superintending Engineer officers View/Download
6337_Gopan-06_15072021 Wanting ACR of Non Engineer Cadre Officers View/Download
5601_Gopan-06_06072021 ACR wanting of Engineer officer's for promotion View/Download
5127_Gopan-06_01072021 ACR wanting of Engineer officer's View/Download
ACR of Junior Engineers and Other Employees
413_CEH_27062022 Regarding providing Annual Confidential report/ reports (ACR) of Junior Engineers (E&M) View/Download
997_GCAO6_18A_11062019 List of Employees and Period of their Wanting  Annual Confidential Report (ACR) of Accounting staff View/Download