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Indian Electricity Rules, 1956

General Safety Precautions

Construction, installation, protection, operation and main electric supply lines and apparatus

All electric supply lines and apparatus shall be sufficient in power and size and of sufficient -mechanical strength for the work they may be required to do, and, so far as is shall be constructed, installed, protected, worked and maintained in accordance with the standards of the Indian Standards Institution so as to prevent danger.

Service lines and apparatus on consumer's premises.

  • The supplier shall ensure that all electric supply lines, wires, fittings, and apparatus belonging to him or under his control, which are on a consumer's premises, are in a safe condition and in all respects fit for supplying energy the supplier shall take due precautions to avoid danger arising on premises from such supply lines, wires, fittings and apparatus.
  • Service lines placed by the supplier on the premises of a consumer which are underground or which are accessible shall be so insulated and protected by the supplier as to be secured under all ordinary conditions mechanical, chemical or other injury to the insulate.
  • The consumer shall, as far as circumstances permit, take precautions for the safe custody of the equipment on his premises belonging to the supplier.
  • The consumer shall also ensure that the installation under his control is maintained in a safe condition.

Cut-out consumer's premises.

  • The supplier shall provide a suitable cut-out in each conductor of every service-line other than an earthed or earthed neutral conductor or the earthed external conductor of a concentric cable within consumer's premises, in an accessible position. Such cut-out shall be maintained within an adequately enclosed fire-proof receptacle.
  • Where more than one consumer is supplied through a common service line, each such consumer shall be provided with an independent cut-out of junction to the common service.
  • The owner of every electric supply line,other than the earthed or earthed neutral conductor of any system, or the earthed external conductor of a concentric cableble, shall protect it by a suitable cut-out.

Identification of earthed and earthed neutral conductors and position of switches and cut-outs therein

Where the conductors include an earthed conductor of a two-wire system or an earthed neutral conductor of a multi-wire system or a conductor which is to be connected thereto, the following conditions shall be complied with: -- (1) An indication of a permanent nature shall be provided by the owner of the earthed or earthed neutral conductor, or the conductor which is to connected thereto enable such conductor to be distinguished from any live conductor.

Caution Notices

The owner of every medium, high and extra high voltage installation shall affix permanently in conspicuous position a caution notice in Hindi and the local language of the district, and of a type approved by the Inspector on-

  • Every motor, generator, transformer and other electrical plant and equipment together with apparatus used for controlling or regulating the same.
  • All supports of high, and extra-high voltage overhead lines
  • Luminous tube sign requiring high voltage supply, X-ray and similar high-frequency installations: Provided that where it is not possible to affix such notices on any generator, motor, transformer or other apparatus, they shall be affixed as near as possible thereto: Provided further that where the generator, motor, transformer or other apparatus is within an enclosure, one notice affixed to the said enclosure shall be sufficient for the purpose of this rule.
Accident charge

The owners of all circuits and apparatus shall so arrange them that there shall be no danger of any part thereof becoming accidentally charged to any voltage beyond the limits of voltage for which they are intended. Where A. C. and D. C. circuits are installed on the same support they shall be so arranged and protected that they shall not come into contact with each other when live.

Precautions to be adopted by consumers, owners, electrical contractors electrical workmen and suppliers
  • No electrical installation work including additions, alterations, repairs and adjustments to existing installation, except such replacement of lamps, fans, fuses, switches, low voltage domestic appliances and fittings as in no way alters its capacity or character, shall be carried out upon the premises of or on behalf of any consumer or owner, for the purpose of supply to such consumer or owner, except by an electrical contractor licensed in this behalf by the State Government under the direct supervision of a person holding a certificate of competency issued or recognised by the State Government: Provided that in case of works executed for or on behalf of the central government and in the case of installations in mines, oil fields and railways, the Central Government and in other cases the State Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, exempt, on such conditions as it may impose, any such work described therein either generally or in the case of any specified class of consumers or owners from so much of this sub-rule as requires such work to be carried out by an electrical contractor licensed by the State Government in this behalf.
  • No electrical installation work which has been carried out in, contravention of sub-rule (1) shall be connected with the works of a suppliers.
  • The provisions of sub-rule (1) shall come into force in respect of a State or part thereof on such data as the State Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint: Provided that the said provisions shall come into force in any field, mine or railway or in respect of any work carried out by, or on bet of, the Central Government only on such data as the Central Government may, by like notification, appoint.